An Ancient Art

Fluid patterns encased within solid forms, catching reflections. Joining together to create a subtle interplay of light and color. Fused glass. A prized possession of the Pharaohs as far back as 1500 B.C., this art requires great skill. Now through modern technology, the ancient art form of glass fusing is revived to add new dimensions to your interior and exterior environments.

Our Green Statement

GlasTile has always been committed to the highest stewardship of our environment. The terminology "Green" does not have true standards except for that fact. Leave this planet a bit better than you found it. We have always strived to do that. We use recycled products, especially our own. GlasTile has never used any material or process in its manufacturing that is not environment-friendly. Since we use colored glass to start with, there is no spray-painting in our processes. Hand-applied gold is our only surface decoration. Glass, in itself, is a natural product of this earth. We send nothing to the landfill that cannot be reorganized into the fabric of the planet. We even recycle boxes and packing materials. When and if "Green" can be truly defined, we are certain that GlasTile will have already fulfilled the requirements.

The Company

GlasTile, Inc has been providing high-quality hand-made glasswork to the public since 1983. GlasTile evolved from the stained glass industry, progressing into fused glass—producing fused glass tiles and tabletop accessories for the Tile and Accessory markets. GlasTile has been a progressive pioneer in this area—offering old-world technique and innovative solutions.

Based in the piedmont area of North Carolina, GlasTile serves industries and consumers world-wide. Although GlasTile’s market is production-based, custom orders are welcomed and encouraged. We enjoy creative problem-solving. It keeps the creative process, and the company, alive.

We have been involved with major projects from restoration to state-of-the-art technologies — from Venetian tile to Tiffany to Disney. Our website will be constantly updated. Comments and inquiries are welcomed.

Barbara J Cashman

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