GlasTile Wins Crystal Achievment Award from Glass Magazine

By Matt Slovick, Sahely Mukerji, Katy Devlin, Jane Holtje and Meredith Lidard

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Read Barbara Cashman's interview from the Mar/Apr 2011 edition of Tile Dealer Magazine.

Taking a Shine to Reflective Tile

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Read Barbara Cashman's interview from the Jan/Feb 2011 edition of Tile Dealer Magazine.

Recession Lessons

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Glass tile. Fluid patterns encased within solid forms, catching reflections; joining together to create a subtle interplay of light and color. Fused glass. A prized possession of the Pharaohs as far back as 1500 B.C., this art requires great skill. Now through modern technology, the ancient art form of fused glass is revived to add new dimensions to your interior and exterior environments with hand made, custom glass tile.

GlasTile Inc. has been designing and manufacturing custom fused glass tile for the Tile Industry since 1989, and is known for unique high-quality products. Product lines include ever-popular Block Party, Cassandra Rakku, Beach Party (including BeachGlas, Nuggets, SandBars, Poolside, Poolside Thin), Hearthside & Sea Pebbles, Crystal Visions, Tifini, Lollipop, Ceri/Cotton Candy/Jelly Beans, Gold Rush, and Coronado. From mirrored tiles to metallics, mosaics to large format tile, GlasTile provides exquisite glass tile far different from ceramic tile, and made specifically for your application: Kitchen, Bath, Pool, Spa, Indoor or Outdoor...GlasTile is your one-stop choice for custom fused glass tile.